The Explorer is Open for New Opportunities

The Global Opportunity Explorer is a world leader in showcasing innovative sustainable solutions. We have just released an array of unique opportunities for businesses, municipalities, universities, and Nordic organizations to showcase their profiles as environmental leaders.

Never before has the urgency for sustainable innovations and solutions been greater. Since the creation of the United Nations Global Goals in 2015, the myriad of issues facing our planet has become even more alarmingly clear. However, with the Global Goals defining what we need to achieve by 2030, such urgency provides ample opportunities for sustainable business solutions.

A knowledge hub for sustainable innovations

As the leading connector of sustainable innovations, the Global Opportunity Explorer is the largest curated collection of verified sustainable solutions. Created by Sustainia in partnership with DNV GL and United Nations Global Compact, the Explorer connects businesses, academia and cities with the brightest solutions on the market for meeting the Global Goals.

Rooted in over five years of research involving 17,000 business leaders and 17 expert panels, we have uncovered innovators who are turning the world’s greatest challenges into sustainable business opportunities.

Organizations can now feature on the Explorer

We have just released a new opportunity for organizations to become members of the Explorer. Members can create a Profile page, a unique place to showcase the story of their sustainable impact. Using Solution pages, individual projects tackling the Global Goals can also be exhibited. We map a company’s solution to the relevant Global Goals, providing a universal understanding of how your solutions can help.

As a member of the Global Opportunity Explorer, your Profile or Solution Page can be viewed by millions of people – offering a global spotlight onto your sustainability mission.

The Global Opportunity Explorer is an ideal platform for creating partnerships and investment opportunities with other market front-runners and innovators. Being part of the platform amplifies your impact through our widely followed social media channels and our global media partnerships.

We’ve already made Profile Pages for businesses, non-profits, universities and cities from all over the world who wish to be part of the largest connector of sustainable solutions. By combining your Profile Page with a Solution Page for every sustainable product or service you wish to promote, you will amplify your visibility and business development opportunities.

Profile Page
Created for companies, non-profits, municipalities and cities. Covers one year of unique global exposure.

Solution Page
Showcase your finest sustainable solutions on a dedicated page. Covers one full year of unique exposure for one solution.

Verified Certificate
Certify your solutions through an extensive vetting and review process by Sustainia’s experts.

Showcase your sustainable city

With 66% of the world’s population predicted to live in urban areas by 2050, the need for cities to drive the sustainable transition has never been more necessary. As the United Nations 17 Global Goals are a key vision for sustainability, aligning with the Goals is increasingly important for the quality of life and attractiveness of cities around the world. In light of this, we have just announced an exciting new opportunity for cities and municipalities to be featured in our Global Opportunity Explorer, showcasing their solutions with a unique Profile Page.

What are projects and programs in action in your city that work to achieve the Global Goals and combat climate change? Join our network of over 300 solutions selected in our Cities100 reports, and position your city as a global front-runner in tackling the Goals Goals

Join our Nordic SDG Expo

To add to the exciting features the Global Opportunity Explorer already offers, we plan to celebrate the first 1,000 Days of the Global Goals by showcasing leading Nordic Profiles & Solutions.

From taking climate action as global pioneers of clean energy, to being the region with the lowest levels of gender and economic inequality in the world – Nordic businesses, universities and municipalities play a leading role in the sustainable transition. We will showcase the best sustainable solutions the Nordic region has to offer with a live event and a Digital Expo.

We are announcing a call for organisations from the Nordics who are addressing some of the world’s greatest challenges outlined in the Global Goals, to become part of our unique Digital Expo, which includes an invitation to our live celebration.

Opportunities for academia and incubators

Universities are testing grounds for innovation and a vital way of driving transformation across societies. They also provide opportunities for students to develop innovative solutions through incubators and accelerators. ‘Quality Education’ being Global Goal #4, we believe that universities must play a fundamental role on our platform.

In turn, we have created a unique offer for universities and knowledge institutions, the opportunity to showcase your students’ startup solutions to a global audience of investors and companies in search of partners.

With a Profile Page allowing you to showcase your solutions you will open your institution  to a new global audience. This will increase your visibility for funding, collaboration and prospective students. In addition, we invite universities, accelerators and knowledge institutions to join at a special discounted rate. 

Join our Global Partners Circle

Grassroot ventures and startups often create some of the most innovative sustainable solutions. However, often times they lack the necessary resources to promote and scale their solutions on their own. By joining our Global Partners circle, your organization will help smaller companies to be featured on our Explorer, thereby supporting the global sustainability community.

As a Global Partner, you will receive in-depth research, advisory services and strategic analysis within your sector, carried out by Sustainia. Global Partners receive the strongest visibility, support and service from us, including an exclusive invitation to speak on center stage at live events in Oslo and New York.

How do I get started?

Contact our CEO, Rasmus Pedersen with the details of your sustainable organization or solution at and reap the opportunities of our growing innovation network.

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