A Learning Thermostat Cutting Costs

The Nest Learning Thermostat remembers what temperatures you like and when you like them, to create a custom temperature schedule for your home. Once habits and patterns are learned, the Nest is able to save up to one fifth of heating and cooling bills according to the company.

The Nest can be remotely controlled via a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, allowing temperature changes to be made if you are likely to be on an irregular schedule. Other features such as the System Match, optimizes controls for a home’s particular heating and cooling system, and the Nest Leaf guides users to energy-efficient temperature settings. The Energy History and Energy Report, enables users to see how much energy they’ve used and provides tips on how to lower utility bills.

Why you should care

Home heating and cooling accounts for about half of the average household’s energy bill in the USA. The Nest Learning Thermostat keeps users comfortable while helping them save energy and money.   

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