Affordable Non-electric Infant Warmer

The Embrace Care makes use of a phase-changing material to maintain the infant’s temperature at a constant 37° C. Keeping infants warm is essential for building their strength and resistance to diseases. Incorporated into a simple sleeping bag design, the warmer is portable and non-electric, making it ideal for use in off-grid communities in developing countries.

The design consists of a heating pad that is activated in boiling water and then inserted into a special compartment in the sleeping bag. After heating, the pad provides a constant warm temperature for up to six hours, after which it can be re-melted and reused.

Why you should care

Preterm and underweight babies have the highest risk of health complications and death. Up to 80% of all newborn deaths occur among babies who are preterm, small for their gestational age or both. Together with the Embrace Nest, a similar warmer designed for hospitals and ambulances, the Embrace infant warmers are estimated to have helped over 200,000 babies in developing countries across the world.

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