App to Remotely Monitor Beehives

Optibee is an electronic sensor that monitors the condition of a beehive and communicates the information via a mobile app. Each sensor continuously measures and transmits data regarding the weight, temperature and humidity of the hive. The app then aggregates the data, allowing beekeepers to quickly assess the overall condition of their apiary (collection of beehives) to be assessed. The app can help measure hive productivity, and can also be used for predicting swarms or anomalies, improving efficiencies and yields for beekeepers. The remote-monitoring system also means that beekeepers only need to visit their hives when necessary.

Optibee is a high-value technology created by professional beekeepers, for beekeepers!

Cyril ArnouxCEO, CAD Création

Optibee is a strategic tool that enables beekeepers to harvest at the right time or to treat urgent issues such as famine. It also makes it possible to analyze all the data collected over a season to better prepare for the following year. By tracking factors such as humidity and temperature, it also enables beekeepers to diagnose sudden hive deaths.

Why you should care

Colony Collapse Disorder killed 40% of all honeybees in USA from 2014 to 2015. As pollination from honeybees is responsible for around one-third of all food production, the well-being of beehives is critical for agriculture around the world. By providing a smart and effective way to monitor beehives, Optibee helps beekeepers improve food security.

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