Bike-Sharing for Low-Income Neighborhoods

Launched in 2015, Philadelphia’s bike-share service, Indego, has built nearly one-third of its 100 stations in low-income and underserved neighborhoods of the city, making access to bike-sharing possible for more people. The system accepts cash payments, providing easier access for riders without a credit card, and credits can be purchased at local convenience stores. Indego offers a number of flexible plans, including credits for food-stamp recipients that cost just $5 per month and provide unlimited trips lasting one hour or less. The bike-share program has used inclusive advertising campaigns showing its bikes in use in a broad range of city neighborhoods. Indego has also undertaken extensive community engagement and outreach in planning station locations and spreading the word about the service.

Why you should care

About 25% of Philadelphians live in poverty, while 68% of adults and 41% of youth in the city are overweight or obese. Making bike-sharing services available to low-income communities helps to alleviate both challenges. Low-cost transportation also improves access to employment.

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