Bringing Digital Learning into any Classroom

The Kio Kit is a ready-to-use box of digital education tools designed for schools in low-income communities. The kits come with 40 Kio tablets, pre-loaded with engaging educational content which is divided into three key sections: academic content aligned to the local curriculum, games that stimulate critical thinking, and content focused on responsible citizenship and environmental conservation.

Digital access in education means that a child’s curiosity is not constrained by the four walls of her classroom, by her teacher’s training, or the textbooks in her school.

Nivi SharmaPresident, BRCK Education

Along with the tablets, the Kio Kit includes a BRCK wireless router designed for mobile use even with unreliable electricity and internet access. The BRCK router also has solar charging capabilities and a lockable case. Designed to be user-friendly, particularly for children, the tablets do not require individual cables for charging. Instead, they are simply placed back into the Kio Kit which charges them wirelessly. With financing, the Kio Kit can be purchased for as little as $250 per month. After launching in late 2015, Kio Kits have already been deployed in six countries.

Why you should care

Sixty-one million children in Africa lack access to quality education, often due to lack of learning materials and qualified teachers. Providing schools in low-income communities with the Kio Kit addresses these issues and enables students to use new technology and the internet to access learning opportunities.

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