Carbon Positive Prefabricated Houses

Archiblox’s Carbon Positive House offers easy, quick and resource efficient construction with a minimal environmental footprint. When in place, the homes generates more electricity than they use. Energy efficiency is achieved with the use of natural heating and cooling techniques, such as in-ground cool tubes and insulating green roofs. Sliding and edible garden walls, which are used to block or allow sunlight to heat the indoor space, are also an option. The houses are water efficient, using water-smart appliances, rainwater harvesting and drought tolerant plants.

The structure’s small floor size of 53m2 reduces energy consumption for cooling and heating, while its open-plan design maximizes living space. The prefabricated modules can be flexibly composed and installation takes just five weeks.

Why you should care

More than 15% of the world’s total energy consumption is used in residential homes. Archiblox has created prefabricated houses with a very small environmental footprint that is liveable, accessible and affordable. The prefabricated design, combined with energy savings over the lifetime of the house, makes the Carbon Positive House a very cost-competitive innovation.

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