Cash for Recycling

Wongpanit started off with one man and a truck offering a waste collection service, before opening a recycling centre and incentivising local residents to collect and bring waste in exchange for cash. Wongpanit has a daily buying pricelist for more than 220 items of recyclable waste to attract people, communities, organizations, and manufacturers to sort and sell their waste. There is also a franchise recycling business, which has expanded Wongpanit’s solution across Thailand and Malaysia.

I believe that waste does not exist on this planet, merely misplaced resources.

Dr. Somthai WongcharoenPresident, Wongpanit

Wongpanit aims to change the perception of waste from dirty garbage to a valuable resource by empowering local residents regardless of income or resources. The solution makes it possible for entire communities to protect their environment as well as support economic activity.

Why you should care

World cities are expected to generate 2.4 billion tons of solid waste per year by 2025.  Wongpanit’s solution is helping to view this as an opportunity for individuals and communities. Wongpanit also offer training to communities on how to start recycling businesses.

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