Cashing in on Mobile Phone Recycling and Reuse

Mazuma Mobile offers cash for your old handset. Mazuma uses an onsite Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive- compliant facility to test and categorise mobiles for reuse. Fully working and repairable phones are reused by approved reuse partners; non-repairable phones are recycled by approved recycling partners. Since 2007, Mazuma Mobile has paid customers a total of $190 million and recycled over 4 million mobile phones.

Why you should care

With millions of consumers storing old handsets, Mazuma Mobile provides an economical and ecological solution for mobiles destined for landfills each month. By reusing the recycled  handsets in emerging countries, Mazuma Mobile is able to improve the quality of life for and provide Internet access to those in developing countries for whom new technology is not readily available. Mazuma Mobile has established long-term relationships with approved partners in China and Africa. The next step should be to address end-of-life challenges for the mobile phones recycled in developing countries.

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