Cheaper Meals with Heat Retention Slow-Cooker

The Wonderbag is a non-electric slow-cooker that enables food that has been brought to boil on a stove or fire to continue cooking for hours after it is removed from the fuel source. The insulating abilities of the bag allow food to finish cooking without the use of additional fuel. The solution is time-efficient, reducing the need for fuel collection, fire tending or stirring. Instead, time can be better spent looking after children, earning an income, or doing essential chores. Wonderbag enables families to save energy and money.

Why you should care

In developing countries, there are huge challenges connected to the cooking process. Staple diets require long cooking hours, often fuelled with unsustainably sourced firewood producing dangerous indoor fumes. The Wonderbag cooker cuts demands on firewood and reduces indoor air pollution.

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