Circular Model for Air Filter Reuse

Delta M’s air filters are made of locally sourced and recyclable materials and are offered to customers via a circular business model. The filters are picked up for cleaning at the time of change-out and replaced with fresh ones. The filters can be reused dozens of times without compromising on quality and performance. Customers are rewarded with return rebate credit for every filter reused.

Delta M takes our filters back and regenerates them to pristine condition. And we pay for shipping and a rebate on each returned filter. No waste to landfill.

Ted MageeCEO, Delta M

The production process uses less water and energy than standard filter manufacturing processes. The  airtight gasket of the air filters minimises dust and dirt entering the system, which enhances the operational efficiency of the system and saves energy.

Why you should care

Air filtration is essential for air-conditioning systems to work properly, providing thermal comfort and filtering air contaminants. Traditionally, these filters are thrown away after just one use. Air filters must be replaced every month, creating large amounts of waste sent to landfills. With its cradle-to-cradle approach, Delta M minimizes this problem by delivering reusable and recyclable air filters.

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