Citizen Engagement for Voluntary Behavior Change

By means of the Eco-Mileage program, households and businesses in Seoul receive financial rewards for reducing their electricity, water, gas or district heating consumption by at least 10% compared to the previous two years. Participants are able to track their progress via an online platform, which also provides energy conservation tips. In addition, energy consultants are available to provide tailored advice.

Those with promising energy reductions records are encouraged to invest in further action through Eco-Mileage points that can be redeemed in the form of, for example, LED lamps or public transportation vouchers. With nearly two million members, the system has contributed to increasing public awareness around energy efficiency. The program includes all elementary schools in Seoul, instilling the importance of sustainability to young citizens.

Why you should care

With buildings and households accounting for 68.5% of Seoul’s greenhouse gas emissions, in 2009 the Seoul Metropolitan Government decided to incentivize voluntary energy conservation measures. Within a few years, their Eco-Mileage system has been successful in both reducing emissions and engaging citizens in being more aware of their energy use.

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