Clay Fridge Cools through Evaporation

This solution is a non-electric refrigerator that is cooled only through evaporation of water. The upper chamber of the Mitticool refrigerator is used for storing water that slowly drips down the sides of the refrigerator unit and evaporates. This evaporation draws energy from the surroundings to produce a considerable cooling effect, removing heat from the inside storage chambers and leaving them cool. Using only water, it is possible to keep food, vegetables and milk naturally fresh for days.

The refrigerator is made of white clay and has a simple design that eliminates the need for regular maintenance. In areas with electricity shortages and frequent blackouts, the Mitticool refrigerator offers a reliable cooling storage option.

Why you should care

According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, much of the post-harvest loss of fruits and vegetables in developing countries is due to the lack of proper storage and refrigeration facilities. This is partly because refrigeration can be expensive to buy and run. Mitticool addresses these challenges by offering a low-cost alternative that is simple and does not require any external power supply. This makes the solution viable in rural areas with poor electricity infrastructure.

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