Clean Water Through Solar Powered ATMs

Through its water-dispensing ATMs, Piramal Sarvajal delivers clean drinking water to more than 300,000 people every day across twelve Indian states. Customers purchase the water with pay-as-you-go smart cards, and since the water-dispensing ATMs are solar powered and connected to the internet, the company is able to remotely monitor water quality and track customer transactions. Alongside their 180 water-dispensing ATMs, the company has built and manages more than 390 water purification units.

Piramal Sarvajal operates under a franchise-based business model, meaning all ATMs and purification units are operated by local community members employed under the system. Water is priced affordably, at a fraction of the cost of bottled water, and the system’s convenience makes accessing safe water hassle-free.

Why you should care

Seventy-six million Indians do not have access to clean water, a major contributing factor to the 140,000 child deaths each year from diarrheal diseases. By making safe and clean water more accessible and affordable, Piramal Sarvajal’s water-dispensing ATMs provide a crucial service to poorly connected, rural populations in India.

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