Connected Management of Electric Urban Mobility Services

CEiiA designed as an integrated and user-centric management platform for all electric mobility services in cities. connects mobile devices with cars, buses and charging stations. It allows users to access all electric mobility services, such as electric vehicle charging stations and public transport, through a single authentication platform with their preferred payment method. is also connected to the electricity grid, creating a real-time management system that measures the greenhouse gas emissions associated with the electricity used to charge electric vehicle batteries. The platform provides all this information to users, operators and public entities embedded in a electric vehicle ecosystem.

Portugal was the first country in the world to deploy an integrated nationwide network of electric vehicle charging stations, as well as a smart management system for urban mobility that measures emissions in real-time. This was achieved using the platform. The system is currently been deployed in projects in other countries, including Brazil.

Why you should care

Rapid urbanization and the use of private vehicles is exacerbating air pollution in cities around the world. Globally, air pollution kills 7 million people every year, and the transport sector is estimated to make up 15% of annual greenhouse gas emissions. Electric vehicles can help to significantly reduce air pollution in cities, helping to improve improve quality of life for residents. In addition, tracking the emissions linked to the electricity consumed by electric vehicles will help to promote an increased share of renewable energy in electricity grids, helping to mitigate climate change.

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