Construction Products Made From Waste

ECOR is a flexible and multi-use material for construction, interior design and furniture-making. It is made from cellulose fibers, an abundant material found in urban, agricultural and forest waste. Waste materials such as cardboard, wood and by-products from agriculture are combined with water, and then heated and pressurized to make ECOR products. The material can also be recycled into new products after use and contains no chemicals, petroleum or other additives.

Every architect wants to work with environmentally friendly materials. ECOR has proven its ability to replicate the shapes of any imaginable form.

Robert L. NobleFounder and CEO, Noble Environmental Technologie

The current ECOR manufacturing facility processes 1,250 tons of waste per year, and there are three more large facilities planned which will collectively convert a total of 37,500 tons per year.

Why you should care

The circular economy will play a key role in decreasing global demand for new raw materials in a world with finite resources. This solution is an effective and sustainable substitute for wood and paper-based materials, and is made entirely from waste products.

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