Dynamic Pricing Eases Parking Congestion

With the slogan “Circle Less, Live More”, SFpark manages parking demand in San Francisco by collecting and distributing real-time information about where curbside parking spots are available. To help achieve the right level of parking availability across all streets, SFpark periodically adjusts the curbside meter and parking garage rates. The aim is to reduce double parking and the time that distracted drivers move around looking for parking.

“Better parking management is a powerful tool for improving city’s quality of life, and economic competitiveness.”

Jay PrimusProgram Manager, SFPark

The program has helped reduce congestion as well as time and fuel wastage, while improving the speed and reliability of public transit, emergency services and road safety. Furthermore, SFpark engages citizens by encouraging independent developers and researchers to use its public data and open source code to create new apps and insights.

Why you should care

Effective parking management results in reduced congestion and fuel wastage in cities. Pricing that is responsive to high demand can also encourage people to switch to public transport. Lessons learned from the SFpark project are documented and publicly available, which will help scale demand-responsive pricing to the entire city and persuade other cities to adopt a similar approach.

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