e-Hospital Specialist Services

Health care is human capital intensive and specialist doctors are usually geographically dispersed, so may not be within traveling distance for many, especially for rural communities. At MediAngels, you potentially have every type of health care professional available regardless of physical location. MediAngels makes it possible to consult a specialist remotely for any ailment, at any given time, directly from home. The company also has an extensive plan for philanthropy, planning to make free consultations available in remote, rural areas of China, India, and sub-Saharan Africa.

Why you should care

By delivering quality health care at the click of a mouse, MediAngels transcends barriers of distance, cost, and time zones, and enables consultations with specialists when convenient, which also cuts transportation costs and emissions. It is important to stress that MediAngels currently is only meant to complement, not replace, the physical interaction between physicians and patients.

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