Ecological Toilets Contributing to Food Security

Through SOIL’s social business design, customers rent a household “EkoLakay” toilet for a monthly fee of approximately $5 per home. SOIL sanitation workers visit each household to collect toilet waste each week and they deliver a fresh supply of carbon material which is used for “flushing” the composting toilets. Currently over 4,000 people use the service, with more signing up daily.

SOIL recognizes that the most threatened and marginalized human beings are generally found living in similarly threatened ecosystems.

Dr Sasha KramerCo-founder and Executive Director, SOIL

The collected waste is then transported to the SOIL composting facility where it is transformed into rich, organic, agricultural-grade compost through a carefully monitored process. Revenue from monthly toilet user fees and the sale of compost supports the ongoing business development costs.

Why you should care

In Haiti, where the solution is deployed, diarrheal disease accounts for is one of the leading causes of deaths among children under the age of five. In transforming human waste into safe, agricultural-grade compost, SOIL proves it is possible to affordably and sustainably provide household sanitation and waste treatment services, even in the most impoverished and water-scarce communities. At the same time, SOIL supports local economic development by boosting local food production.

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