Electric Vehicle Car-Sharing

In Paris, residents and tourists alike are able to rent electric cars from Autolib’s fleet of 4,000 cars, which are available at more than 900 unmanned rental stations around the city. Autolib currently has more than 100,000 long-term members and thousands of shorter-term members, who can charge their rental cars at any of the 6,000 charging stations that all have free parking. Signing up to be a member takes just a few minutes, and from then on members can rent cars at very affordable rates. After use, members return the cars to the nearest rental station by using the on-board integrated GPS system. Fees are automatically charged to the members’ credit card. Autolib aims to replace 165 million kilometers driven per year by combustion engine vehicles with its electric vehicle sharing service.

Why you should care

The world’s 860 million light-duty passenger vehicles consume 40% of the total energy used for transportation, and they account for half of global passenger mobility. Autolib’s car-sharing service reduces the total number of cars on the road and improves air quality in Paris by using exhaust-free electric vehicles.

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