Electric Vehicle Charging Networks with Real-Time Availability

ChargePoint has built the largest and most open EV charging network in the world with over 33,000 available charging stations. It provides a reliable, accessible and easy-to-use EV charging network that all EVs can connect to, regardless of hardware. If charging stations are not yet available in a neighborhood, ChargePoint can set up an EV charger based on a single request.

The future demands a robust charging network on every continent, giving drivers confidence to purchase electric vehicles.

Pasquale RomanoPresident and CEO, ChargePoint

The advanced system lets drivers see station availability in real-time and directs users with GPS directions through either the mobile app or a car’s on-board navigation system.

Why you should care

Emissions from cars account for around a fifth of all CO2 emissions in USA, according to ChargePoint. The company provides drivers with the ability to plug in regardless of where they live, work, shop and play. In this way, ChargePoint hopes to be part of the solution that increases the number of electric cars on roads by fourteen times over the next ten years. So far ChargePoint drivers have saved over 74,000 tons of CO2 emissions according to the company.

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