Electric Vehicle Charging on your Doorstep

This solution offers an all-in-one charging point for electric vehicle owners. The ‘Smart Green Charging’ service installs safe charging infrastructure in garages and parking bays, and provides identification cards and access to a charge management app for mobile devices. The app can be used to schedule and control the charging process to ensure vehicles are ready when needed and keep energy bills down. In addition, Iberdrola certifies that all electricity comes from 100% renewable sources, meaning that users can get around with zero emissions and also help reduce power generation emissions.

The charging infrastructure is compatible with any type of vehicle from full electric to plug-in hybrids. The system uses a control function for sending data between the vehicle and the charging equipment, which protects against battery overheating, sudden disconnection or charge cable breakage. Iberdrola also offers customized services to enterprises with vehicle fleets whose needs are different from household consumers.

Why you should care

Cars account for around 20% of liquid fuel demand globally. As electric vehicle ownership rises from 1.2 million in 2015 to an estimated 100 million cars by 2035, it is expected that global demand for gasoline may decrease by up to 10%. By making ownership of electric personal vehicles more accessible and convenient, Iberdrola’s solution further encourages the shift to more energy efficient and cleaner personal transportation.

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