Eliminating Dairy Waste with Natural Resources

FreshQ® is a revolutionary product that uses natural bioprotective food cultures to delay spoilage from contaminants such as yeast and molds in dairies, especially yogurt. Through using natural bio culture, they offer a safe solution based on traditional principles of fermentation. FreshQ therefore helps to naturally extend shelf life and lower food waste without any use of artificial preservatives or chemicals. As the bio culture is completely natural, it won’t add ingredients to the dairy product nor reduce quality. The product’s bioprotection enhances the effectiveness of a good sanitation programme, hygiene and cold chains.

Why you should care

As global value chains expand and product export destinations move further away, perishable products like dairy with relatively short shelf lives are contributing to higher levels of food waste. In fact, 17% of all yogurt goes to waste and 80% of total yogurt waste happens because its use-by-date expired somewhere in the supply chain.

25% of people will not buy a product that expires within five days from purchase. Seven extra days of shelf-life would make a world of difference. Using FreshQ’s bio-protection solution would provide a 30% annual reduction of yogurt waste in Europe.

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