Empowering Communities to Build Sustainably

Millions of families in Latin America do not have proper housing. ¡Échale! a tu Casa strives to give these families a housing solution that is attainable and decent. At the same time, the organization limits the environmental footprint of construction by using low-carbon earth blocks and equipping houses with green technologies such as rainwater harvesting, solar power, and wood-saving stoves.

¡Échale! a tu Casa believes that a key component to creating a social business is making the community the axis of the program.

Francesco PiazzesiFounder and CEO, ¡Échale! a Tu Casa

Through education, workshops and technical assistance, the ¡Échale! a tu Casa program empowers communities to build energy-efficient houses made from locally sourced materials. By making communities a part of the solution, the program creates jobs, provides education and ensures that the housing solutions fulfil the needs of the communities.

Why you should care

Throughout Latin America, 59 million individuals are either homeless or live in dwellings that are unsuitable for habitation. To date, ¡Échale! a tu Casa has provided homes to more than 30,000 families and facilitated more than 150,000 home improvements benefiting approximately one million individuals.

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