Energy Savings from Retrofitting Air-Conditioners

Hot water in many commercial facilities is normally supplied via central boilers that are powered by fossil fuels, while air cooling is provided by electric air-conditioning systems. Phoebus Energy has developed a self-contained water heat pump, which takes unused and excess thermal energy from existing air-conditioning systems and transfers it to the hot water systems. This thermal energy heats water that can then be used in showers, pools and kitchens in large commercial sites, such as hotels, hospitals, sports centers and nursing homes.

The Phoebus Energy retrofit solution works with existing heating and cooling systems and saves 50% to 70% on energy expenses, according to the company. The system intelligently optimizes energy transfers between the systems based on data from sensors which collect data every 60 seconds. The data is processed in real time on a cloud-based system that optimizes how to produce the required heating and cooling at the lowest possible cost.

Why you should care

In 2010, buildings accounted for 32% of total global energy use and 19% of energy-related greenhouse gas emissions. Phoebus Energy is helping to lower energy use in commercial facilities worldwide by utilizing the excess thermal energy from air-conditioning systems to heat and cool water.

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