Engaging Customers to Save Water using Data Analytics

Using a combination of behavioral psychology, analytics from water meter data and cloud computing, WaterSmart partners with water utilities to generate customized ‘Home Water Reports’ and also offers an online portal and app for residential water users in the USA. The water reports compare a household’s water consumption with other similar-sized homes, and makes personalized money- and water-saving recommendations for consumers. 

WaterSmart is transforming the way the world uses water through data analytics and behavioral science.

Robin GilthorpeCEO, WaterSmart Software

Using these methods, WaterSmart has been independently verified to reduce water consumption by up to 5% within 12 months and improve customer engagement and satisfaction with water utilities.

Why you should care

Global demand for water is expected to increase by 55% between 2000 and 2050, which means water-saving opportunities will become increasingly important. In many countries, utilities are facing legal requirements to reduce their customers’ water use. WaterSmart manages water data for over two million households, and has delivered thousands of leak detection alerts. The company aims to scale the solution to new markets to help to save even more water.

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