Fixing the World One Device at a Time

Most people want to fix what’s broken; they just lack the resources to do so. iFixit’s specialized tools and free, step-by-step repair manuals minimize the barrier to repair — even for beginners. E-waste is one of the fastest-growing components in the global waste stream, often due to perceived technicalities and model specificities. Americans alone throw away over 9 million tons of electrical equipment every year. 

E-waste is a problem with global ramifications. Repair is part of the solution. Ifixit fights for a future where technology is a sustainable part of our lives.

Kyle WiensCEO, Ifixit

Many of the repair guides on iFixit’s site are for common but easily fixable problems to do with electronics, but they do not limit themselves to that –  there are manuals for everything from computers to cars, so people around the world have the instructions they need to fix what they own, instead of throwing things away.

Why you should care

Millions of electronic devices are thrown away each year though they are still functional if repaired. iFixit has over 25,000 free manuals and almost 100,000 solutions, helping to extend the life of beloved bicycles, trusty tablets and computers around the world.

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