Fortified Yoghurt to Combat Malnutrition

High malnutrition rates in Bangladesh make it almost impossible for children to develop to their full physical and mental potential. Eating well enables kids to grow, develop a good memory and maximize learning at school. To combat this, the Grameen Danone Foods team developed Shokti +, a yoghurt enriched in micro-nutrients (iron, zinc, vitamins A and iodine). The product is also a source of income for the inhabitants of surrounding villages: smallholder farmers sell their milk to the company and vendors earn an income by selling the yogurts door-to-door.


Why you should care

In Bangladesh, more than 54% of children under five – equivalent to more than 9.5 million children – are stunted and 56% are underweight. Deficiencies in vitamins and minerals are notably high, impairing proper physical and cognitive development. Shokti + aims to break the vicious cycle of malnutrition through their affordable and fortified yoghurt, and stimulate local economies by including local communities in the product’s value chain.

© All photos by Sandro di Carlo Darsa 

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