Free App for Refugee Integration

Turkcell provides an app called “Hello Hope” which helps refugees integrate more quickly and successfully into Turkish society. This is achieved through language flash-cards, instant speech translation services and information on accessing public services such as healthcare and education. Since its launch, the app has seen 320 thousand downloads, 5 million uses of the instant translation feature and 240 million views of Turkish language learning flashcards.

We aim to make everyone have the same conditions everywhere

Kaan TerziogluCEO, Turkcell

Turkcell also supports Syrian refugees by providing them with extended mobile connectivity, serving 1.3 million Syrians with its network and its Arabic language call center – which has, at times, turned into an emergency hotline for refugees in distress.

Why you should care

Over 3 million Syrian refugees are currently living in Turkey, and 50% of them believe they will stay for at least the next five years. Apps like Hello Hope help to break down barriers to effective and rapid integration and thus help to reduce the inequalities in society.

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