Free Electric Car Charging Network

The Volta network is USA’s largest free electric vehicle car charging network. Advertisements on the front and back of the charging stations finance the electricity used by the chargers. The charging stations are strategically placed at shopping centres and other high traffic facilities, so drivers can charge for free while they are shopping, while retail businesses get an advertising space to attract more customers.

Volta installs the stations and provides maintenance and technical support, while adverts are able to reach customers just before they shop. Volta has installed charging networks in 15 major cities in the USA, with ambitious expansion plans in the coming years.

Why you should care

More than 500,000 electric vehicles have been sold in the USA up until the end of 2016, with a year-on-year increase in sales of 37% in 2016. Electric vehicles will contribute significantly to reducing air pollution in cities and, in combination with more renewable energy in electricity grids, will help to mitigate climate change. Volta’s accessible and free charging stations encourage the switch to electric vehicles.

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