From Unregulated Landfill to Cooperative Recycling

Located 5 km from the city centre, the Meknes landfill facility in Morocco has been operated in an uncontrolled way since 2002. Covering a surface area of approximately 25 hectares, it receives 185,000 tonnes of waste every year produced by the city’s 650,000 inhabitants.

However, since 2014, Suez have led a project to rehabilitate the site, with a major drive towards recycling, biological recovery and increased community engagement. Recycling is carried out in large sorting hangars, and a biological recovery plant produces compost from the biodegradable waste. Biogas is also captured and turned into heat energy for the heat treatment of leachate from the site.

Why you should care

Most of this work is carried out by a group of 150 sorters, who used to be waste pickers at the landfill site and now operate the site as a cooperative, helping to improve their living and working conditions. This project helps to make the recycling sector in Morocco more professional and boosts the local market for secondary raw materials, which will allow the country to lower its import levels.

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