Furniture from Recycled Plastics and Agro-Waste

Colombia-based Diseclar has developed a manufacturing process that turns plastic and agro-industrial waste into durable furniture suitable for indoor and outdoor use. By combining non-degradable plastic waste and agro-industrial waste, such as sugar cane pulp, coffee residues and rice chaff, the company creates sustainable furniture with the look and feel of solid wood, but without the need for timber. In their first year of production, Diseclar aimed to recycle 300,000 kg of plastic and 192,000 kg of agro-industrial waste, helping to create over a hundred recycling jobs in the process.

Why you should care

According to the World Bank, Latin American and the Caribbean countries generate around 160 million tonnes of waste per day, but just 3% of it gets recycled. Both solid waste generation and deforestation have environmental and economic impacts throughout Latin America and globally. By turning waste into a wood-like substitute used for making furniture, Diseclar helps to increase waste recycling and reduce the demand for timber.

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