Generating Energy from Water in Pipelines

The LucidPipe is an in-conduit hydropower technology that enables industrial, municipal, and agricultural users to produce carbon-free, electricity from gravity-fed water pipelines. Water from snow and rainfall fills remote reservoirs, feeding pipelines that move water to the point-of-use. As the water flows downhill, gravity creates pressure in the pipeline that is normally relieved by pressure-reducing valves. The technology recaptures this energy without disrupting desired usage. The LucidPipe spherical turbines spin as water passes through them, producing a consistent and non-weather-dependent source of energy.

This technology works 24/7. If the water is flowing, we’re making electricity. It’s not dependent on day and night. It’s not dependent on the weather.

Dr. Nina Bergan FrenchCEO, LucidEnergy

LucidEnergy is currently running a pilot project in California where their technology is powering streetlights and another in Oregon that generates electricity for around 100 households.

Why you should care

The U.S. EPA estimates that $271 billion in water infrastructure upgrades are needed to replace aging pipelines and to satisfy new demand over the next 5 years. By incorporating LucidPipe turbines into new and upgraded pipelines, millions of megawatt-hours of carbon-free, low-cost electricity can be generated, which can go towards the retrofitting operations.

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