Green Fish Farming Fosters Local Growth

West African Fish operates in eastern Ghana where the company grows and farms fish by using aquaculture technology. The aquaculture involves cultivating the tilapia fish under controlled conditions, as opposed to most commercial fishing that relies on harvesting wild fish. The main technology employed in the process involves re-circulating and recycling water, and using floating fish feed to minimize waste and pollution.

The fish are sold in the local market, and the initiative has created 100 jobs in a region with a high unemployment rate. At the same time, West African Fish meets the heavy demand for protein-rich food of good quality in a country where most food is imported.

West African Fish are also active in the local community. They have built a local school, rebuilt the local market with a new water pump, and have also contributed skills and nets to the Water Research Institute in Ghana, helping to promote aquaculture practices in Ghana.

Why you should care

Aquafarming has become an important additional means of seafood production at a time when over 53% of the world’s fisheries are fully exploited. West African Fish saw strong early growth, going from producing 28 tons of fish in their first year to 4,000 six years later. As well as creating 100 jobs directly on the farm, this relatively small aquaculture practice estimates to have positively boosted the local economy, with indirect benefits for up to 400 local families.

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