Growing Trees in Deserts with Minimal Water Use

The Groasis Growboxx plant cocoon is a planting technology for eroded, rocky, dry and desert areas that allows growth of a single tree, or a tree in combination with four other plants. It is filled with a one-time dose of 15 liters of water, which is prevented from evaporating by the design of the box. Instead, water is slowly released into the soil surrounding the seeds. Rain and condensation from the surroundings are also collected in the box. In this way, a heavy rain shower of just 10 minutes once a year can be stored and apportioned to the plant until the following season. 

If the two billion hectares of man-made deserts were small enough to cut, it is certainly small enough to replant.

Pieter HoffFounder, Groasis

The box releases only 50 ml of water per day. With such a limited amount of water, the plants are forced to search deeper into the ground and over time – even in the driest areas – the roots typically find water within just a few feet. Once the plants have established a root system, the box biodegrades, encouraging further growth and creating a cradle-to-cradle product.

Why you should care

According to the company, the average survival rate for the trees is over 90%, no matter how challenging the circumstances. Likewise, water savings are more than 90% compared to any other planting method during the first year. From the second year onwards, water savings become 100% as no water is artificially added.

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