Index Driving Sustainability in the Apparel Industry

Developed by the industry and for the industry, the Higg Index is a suite of self-assessment tools for measuring the environmental and social impact of apparel, footwear and home textile production. The assessments cover brands, retailers, facilities and products, and helps members to adopt a holistic, consistent approach to managing sustainability performance. Currently, over 2,000 members of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition are using the Higg Index.

The Higg Index gives everyone a starting point. It also gives them access to benchmarking where they can see how they rate against their peers in real time.

Jason KibbeyCEO, Sustainable Apparel Coalition

Building and improving on version 1.0, the new Higg Index 2.0 now incorporates assessments of social and labor conditions. It also enables companies to share and compare their sustainability achievements with peers and customers, creating an incentive for performance improvement.

Why you should care

The apparel and footwear industry contributes to global challenges such as water pollution and worker safety. To improve performance, collective action in the sector is needed. Whereas the Higg Index 1.0 supported one-way information flows from producers to brands and retailers, the Higg Index 2.0 can be shared with all links of the value chain. This upstream and downstream information exchange increases transparency and forces stakeholders to take responsibility for their performance.

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