Intelligent Indoor Farming Platform

Agrilyst claims to be the first end-to-end management system specifically designed for indoor farms, helping to make indoor farming processes more efficient and more productive. The startup provides real-time analytics by aggregating data from hardware, such as sensors, and from static forms, such as lab results and spreadsheets. Condensing all farm data in one place helps growers define and maintain optimal performance. 

The future of food is a system that espouses not only plant yield, but quality, health, safety and sustainability. That future isn’t far away.

Allison KopfCEO, Agrilyst

Agrilyst aggregates the data on its platform, and coupled with academic research and industry knowledge, it helps to develop new knowledge and solutions for optimizing performance of indoor farming.

Why you should care

By 2050, the global population is expected to hit nine billion and food production must double in order to meet the increasing demand. Indoor farming is resource efficient, with hydroponics using approximately ten times less land and twenty times less water than conventional farming methods, according to the company. By helping farmers optimize performance, farmers can reduce their resource inputs to become even more sustainable and profitable.

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