IT System for Fuel-Efficient Railways

CATO (Computer-Aided Train Operation) is an advanced IT system developed by Transrail in Sweden. It assists rail operators in planning and managing train traffic, and through a Driver Advisory System it informs train drivers about the current schedules and speed profiles with the greatest possible energy savings.

We are proud to offer CATO to the global railway market.

Per LeanderCEO, Transrail Sweden AB

With the CATO system, train networks can run on ‘green waves’ with significantly reduced fuel consumption, improved punctuality, better passenger comfort and increased capacity on the railway infrastructure. CATO has been successively deployed in heavy-haul iron ore transport and the high-speed airport shuttle in Stockholm.

Why you should care

Railways provide an energy efficient mode of transport, and strong growth in the sector is predicted to continue until at least 2025. According to a study, however, macro-trends including digitalization and efficiency improvements are driving the need for rail operators to make advances to compete with the automotive industry. According to the company, the CATO system delivers energy savings in the order of 10 to 25%, with low implementation costs and a payback time of less than one year for most routes. The CATO algorithms can be implemented in any rail application around the world.

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