Keeping Food Fresh from Farm to Fork

FreshPapers are sheets of paper that are dropped into containers, boxes and bags of produce. By keeping food fresh from farm to fork in a scalable and sustainable way, while significantly reducing resource and energy costs, FreshPaper promises to positively impact the food economy and transform the lives of the 1.6 billion people who still lack access to refrigeration. 

Simple ideas are often the most powerful.

Kavita ShuklaInventor and Founder, Fenugreen

FreshPaper has spread from a single farmer’s market to farms, retailers and consumers in over 35 countries.

Why you should care

Although we currently produce more than enough food to feed the population, we lose 25% of our food supply to spoilage. Reducing food waste across the supply chain is part of the solution to feeding an estimated 9 billion by 2050.

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