Local Food in Package-Free Supermarket

This Berlin-based supermarket has eliminated all disposable packaging from its store. Instead, customers bring their own containers and buy goods. Prices are weight based, taking the starting weight of containers into account. In this way, customers decide exactly how much of a product want to buy. Customers are also able to borrow containers or recycled paper bags. The majority of the approximately 600 items sold in the supermarket are locally produced and include vegetables, dry grains, yoghurt, and a range of household products and cosmetics. Original Unverpackt has also opened an online store, which delivers the same selection of products in upcycled upholstery materials which can be reused.

Why you should care

Sixteen million tons of waste packaging are generated in Germany each year, according to the company. In addition, private households in Germany throw away about 6.7 million tons of food per year. Much of the food waste occurs when people buy packaged foods containing more than they are able to eat before it expires. By offering consumers the option of buying package-free groceries, the Original Unverpackt supermarket helps to reduce packaging waste and to prevent food waste in homes.

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