Micro-Financed Loans Unlock Affordable Housing

Patrimonio Hoy is a programme offered by Cemex, an international building materials company. The programme offers technical assistance, financing, building materials and construction services to low-income families. Offices are currently located in 56 cities in five countries, and they employ local architects as well as a network of local promoters. The promoters have often benefited from the scheme before, and are usually trusted, well-known members of their communities.

As long as families have a building plot, those interested in participating in Patrimonio Hoy receive comprehensive advice from an architect who works directly with them to design a custom house plan. Micro-financing options are tailormade to suit the needs of the families, so can include weekly or bi-weekly loan payback options, allowing low-income families to access financing for housing previously unavailable to them.

Why you should care

Up to 1.6 billion people in urban areas could struggle to secure decent housing by 2025. Cemex are addressing this challenge and have benefited over 2.3 million people in Latin America with decent housing through Patrimonio Hoy, in accordance with their housing needs and repayment abilities. Through a micro-credit scheme without prerequisites and with comfortable repayment options, families can completely transform their housing situation.

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