Mirror-Enhanced Skylight with No Upfront Costs

The LightCatcher is a solar-powered sensor system that tracks the brightest point in the sky. Through a mirror-based technology that optimizes the amount of daylight coming in, the LightCatcher can automatically turn off lights in buildings for an average of 10 hours a day. The system also diffuses light and reflects heat, avoiding high temperatures and blinding light on sunny days.

EcoNation installs the solution at no cost and is repaid via monthly payments linked to the customer’s electricity bill savings. Customers therefore face no upfront cost and start saving immediately. According to the company, the package deal decreases electricity consumption by 20% to 50%, reducing yearly CO2 emissions by 40 tons per 1,000 m² while also improving indoor environments.

Why you should care

EcoNation’s solution creates better indoor environments with more natural light, while reducing electricity consumption. LightCatchers have been installed in factories, airports, nuclear sites, and even in chicken farms, helping to reduce energy consumption in commercial and industrial buildings.

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