Naturally Dyed Chemical-Free Textiles

Inspired by ancient Indian dyeing processes, Aura Herbal manufactures chemical-free textiles and fabrics. The company has developed a technology that uses natural source materials, such as pomegranate peel and turmeric, for dyeing textiles for large-scale manufacturing. The fabrics are first washed with sea salts to remove stains from the weaving process. Then they are exposed to direct sunlight, and a natural grass base and animal manure are applied to start the bleaching process. Colorants extracted from plant materials and spices are added directly to the dye bath.

The dyeing process saves 1,000 liters of water per garment compared to conventional bleaching and dyeing techniques, and the wastewater is used for farming purposes such as watering the fields around the factory. The ingredients used have antiseptic qualities protecting both workers and users from chemical exposure. Aura Herbal exports globally to brands including Levi’s and Esprit.

Why you should care

Conventional garment dyeing uses more than 8,000 chemicals and pollutes 2,000 liters of water per garment. Aura Herbal has standardized a water-saving technique, which exclusively uses chemical-free organic ingredients. Moreover, their chemical-free products are likely to be much more suitable for people suffering from allergies and skin sensitivities.

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