New Fashion from Fabric Discards

Piece x Piece was established in response to the swathes of fabric waste produced by the fashion industry. They estimate that the average design house is responsible for around 4,500 fabric swatches – the fabric samples used by designers to inspire their clothes – per year.

Piece x Piece is a thoughtful disruption to the traditional path one usually takes in the apparel industry from fabric mill landfill.

Elizabeth BrunnerFounder and Creative Director, Piece x Piece

The fabric used in each piece is selected from an ever-changing stock of luxury discards, so designs vary depending on what samples are available. This dynamic process creates unique, high quality products.

Why you should care

Fabric swatches are a key part of the design and fashion industry, but are also not being used to their full potential. The majority end up in landfill, but Piece x Piece reclaim them before experimenting and redesigning new garments and home fabrics.

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