Package-free Grocery Store

in.gredients provide customers with a solution to food and packaging waste while building community around a sustainable food system. Wherever possible, suppliers that provide produce in reusable containers are selected, and customers bring in any container to fill with their desired groceries.

Zero waste isn’t that hard, it’s all about sorting. It just requires due diligence.

Erica HowardAssistant Manager, in.gredients

The company operate on three principles: zero waste, local food and community. They buy produce from local growers wherever possible and have their own garden and outdoor space, where regular community events are held. This helps to build a community spirit and educate customers about the benefits of sustainable food production.

Why you should care

In USA, each person generates almost two kilos of trash per day. On average, in.gredients send less than 5 pounds of waste to landfill every month and encourage customers to shop for the exact amounts they need by filling their own containers. They send zero organic waste to landfill, using a series of steps to utilise food before it can’t be used. Any food that remains unused is composted and converted to fertilizer for their garden, as do leftover coffee grounds.

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