Peer-to-Peer Sharing Platform

The trouble with the rental of private products is connecting those with products with the people who are willing to rent them. Zilok’s platform and algorithm for peer-to-peer rental makes it easy to rent anything from a sewing machine to a kayak. Zilok has achieved a critical mass of people and businesses renting out their private products, making the selection on the website reflect a wide variety of products from a range of locations in the United States and three countries in Europe. It is a safe way for people to earn extra income, with Zilok charging a percentage of the earned amount to sustain their business.

Why you should care

The total material and environmental costs of making new products are often more than we think. For instance, a mobile phone has a total material cost of around 75 kilograms of raw materials. This solution enables people to easily rent and lend their belongings, changing consumption patterns towards owning fewer products, and thus reducing demand for new raw materials to be extracted or processed.

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