Port with an Electric Railway System to Reduce Freight Emissions

Most port cities around the world rely on trucks for transporting shipped goods inland. Scandinavia’s largest port, Gothenburg, is connected directly to an efficient system of rail shuttles for inland transportation of freight. Each day, the electric rail system replaces 700 diesel-powered freight trucks. The reduction of trucks has eased traffic congestion and lowered air pollution in Gothenburg, and has improved freight efficiency.

The rail network has been successfully integrated with the port terminals in Gothenburg, and is now connected to towns and cities throughout Sweden and Norway. Rail shuttles carry around half of all the containers that are transported to and from the port each year.

Why you should care

Rail’s share in overland freight distribution has halved in the EU from 1970 to 2006, resulting in many more trucks on roads. The Railport Scandinavia system is putting freight back on more efficient electric trains and thereby eliminating more than 120,000 truck journeys each year.

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