Public-Private Partnerships to Share Cutting-Edge Materials

The Sunrise Initiative for Inclusive Business is a programme to deliver affordable solutions to social challenges using Covestro’s engineered materials. These solutions are developed through partnerships with private, public and civil society actors. The Sunrise Initiative is currently being piloted in the Indian subcontinent and in Southeast Asia. So far, it has provided opportunities for new business models in food preservation, sanitation and affordable housing.

In order to qualify as a Sunrise project, the proposal must involve partnerships with government agencies or civil society representatives – partnerships which businesses typically avoid due to their high complexity. Projects have included low-cost cold storage units for keeping food fresh, solar-powered driers for agricultural produce, and a process for turning agricultural waste into wood-replacement boards that are used in buildings and furniture.

Solar Dryer Parabola Dome_ASEAN

Why you should care

The Sunrise Initiative develops business models which allow Covestro’s advanced materials to be used to benefit those who would normally not have access to it. Various solutions are being developed to help provide shelter, sanitation and improve economic development. Using the advanced technologies of cutting-edge companies for sustainable development presents a significant opportunity for business to contribute meaningfully.

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