Red Worms Transform Waste into Fertilizer

ByoEarth makes it easy to vermicompost in any environment by selling worms, the correct box and a manual with instructions of care for the worms. The red wriggler worms transform biodegradable waste into 100% organic fertilizer through digestion and decomposition processes over a number of weeks. The solution targets rural communities as well as urban dwellers, helping all to reduce organic waste and encourage small scale produce production using the fertiliser produced by the worms. This reduces the dependency on chemical fertilizer.

The resulting produce is sold across Guatemala. The technique of using red worms is well known and holds the capacity for more environmentally friendly waste management, and in this case it is also helping to empower women and disadvantaged communities.

Why you should care

The world’s soils are degrading rapidly due to soil erosion, nutrient depletion, soil sealing and other threats. Vermicomposting can transform organic waste into a soil-enriching resource, either for food sector establishments or homeowners, and can even become a microbusiness. ByoEarth’s solution is replicable worldwide and is already empowering women in its production process and boosting the productivity of farmers.

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