Retrofitting Bicycles with an Electric Hybrid Wheel

Superpedestrian’s Copenhagen Wheel contains a motor, batteries, multiple sensors and, wireless connectivity. It is also easy to install on most commuter bikes. The electric wheel learns how you pedal, sensing how fast you want to go from the effort you apply, and then multiplies your pedal power by three to ten times, according to the company.

The Copenhagen Wheel expands the limits of everything you feel capable of doing on a bicycle.

Asaf BidermanCEO, Superpedestrian

Regenerative braking allows the wheel to capture energy when braking or going downhill, which is stored in the integrated 40V lithium battery. It takes four hours to fully charge an empty battery.

Why you should care

More than half the world’s population lives in cities, and this percentage continues to rise with rapid urbanisation, making congestion and urban air pollution a growing challenge. With the use of technology, design, and smart data, the Copenhagen Wheel aims to encourage more people to choose cycling as their preferred mode of urban transportation, thereby reducing congestion and air pollution.

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